You Saw Mine Now I Wanna See Yours – S19:E7

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Learning to live with a new stepbrother has been a challenge for Tristan Summers, especially when Chase Arcangel doesn’t do a very good job of knocking before he enters closed doors. Today, Tristan was just toweling off from the shower when Chase barged in on her. Chase got a full frontal view, so Tristan insists that he get naked and show her his full frontal, too. Chase isn’t having it, so after saying no he leaves. Tristan isn’t about to give up so easily. She gets dressed and then walks into Chase’s room without knocking, ostensibly to collect laundry.Chase has no warning before Tristan crawls into bed to try to take his pants off. She’s still insistent that she should get to see Chase’s cock since he saw her boobs and pussy. Eventually, Chase agrees that he will show Tristan his dick if she will touch it. Tristan seems okay with that, so Chase shows her the goods. He’s shocked when his hot stepsis actually goes through with her end of the bargain. She insists that Chase needs to fuck her. Chase accuses Tristan of having a breeding fetish. She doesn’t deny it as long as it means she gets his cock in that tight pussy. Eventually, Chase relents.Since Tristan is already on her back rubbing her clit to entice Chase, he just shoves it in and even leans forward to squeeze and knead those big boobs. Then Chase gets on his back so he can keep on enjoying Tristan’s titties as she rides him in cowgirl. Tristan takes her time, exploring plenty of different angles for her ride before getting on her hands and knees to let Chase do her in doggy. When Tristan rolls onto her back, she begs Chase to blow his load in her meaty twat. Tristan promises not to tell anyone as long as Chase continues to glut her with cum as long as he promises to keep doing her tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that…

Jan 23, 2022
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